What Is A Prenup Agreement Yahoo Answers

My husband and I signed a prenup. We both owned property before we got married and we saved a lot of money. We combined everything after we got married, but in case any of us make a series of irreversible bad decisions, none of us are completely screwed. For you to know that a prenup must be just for both of you. Maybe he has an expiration date (10 years or something like that) or maybe he sketches out what will happen to future children. He would list the things that are his and, in any case, list the things that belong to them if something were to happen with marriage. It may also find that pre-marriage debt is not the responsibility of the other parties in the event of marriage breakdown. This is not offensive. What many people don`t know is that prenups can protect both parties.

Think about prenup, as you think of insurance. You don`t plan to get divorced, as you don`t expect your house to burn down or your car to be stolen. But you also have to be ready – just for the case.“ I think a marriage should not have a contract in a marriage. What belongs to me is to be and what belongs to him. If people have mentioned that Prenup is for someone who has money, it should not be based on money. What is not true, there should be trust, communication and love in a marriage, instead of dealing with money. That is the problem now, money is the root of all evils. Without a contract, it`s always the same problem with money, it breaks people`s marriages.

So, with or without a contract, marriages go wrong because of money. Well, you have a choice to make. Either you sign the prenupe (and make sure your own lawyer sees it first) and marry the man or don`t sign it and break up with him. Both decisions are not ideal – but it`s a choice you have to make. Definitely get a prenup. It is a proven fact that women are emotionally more unstable than men. You always want your assets protected. With the 50% divorce rate, it makes no sense to leave all your hard work unprotected. The courts also rule in favour of women.

Then take a prenup. And no, the existence of a prenup does not mean that divorce is in your future. It is easy to be naïve and turn a blind eye to future possibilities. For me, talking about Prenups and the future financial situation is a mature couple who are ready to make the step towards marriage. It is when couples refuse to think even about the financial future or refuse to have a frank and honest discussion that worries me.