Vehicle Sponsorship Agreement

The proposal should contain at least the basic team information, a driver profile, geographical information about the circuits, sponsorship levels with prices and items/services included. Research the company. Know what they are doing. Have a good idea of your target market. What is a sponsorship agreement? A sponsorship agreement governs the legal relationship between a sponsor and the individual such as an athlete or player, a sports team, an organizer for an event that attracts sponsorship or the owner of a sponsored venue. Enter a letter of introduction and send it to the person in charge of the organization. Explain in advance that you are looking for sponsorship for your race team and that the organization will find the proposal in the appendix. Thank the reader for their time and provide all your contact information. The date on which the parties conclude the agreement. The names and addresses of the promoter and the owner of the rights/property. Start and end date of the agreement. Conditions applicable to the right of extension/pre-emption.

The sponsorship agreement between St. Louis European Auto Show Inc., a Missouri non-profit corporation (EAS) and the sponsor („Sponsor“) mentioned on the signature page („Effective Date“). Taking into account the reciprocal agreements they contain, and for other valuable products and counterparties, the parties agree on the following: 5) This is a motor show comprising EUROPEAN cars, trucks and motorcycles (defined as a European brand or fully assembled in Europe). Please try using European vehicles in your screen. A fully signed (packaged) work car of non-European origin may be registered as part of your display, but must be indicated in this Agreement and approved by EAS. In the event that the Company, the personnel designated as sponsor, the administrator or representative of such Company or myself (Sponsor) violates or attempts to violate any of the terms of this Agreement, or does not make payments when due under this Agreement, the EAS Sponsor shall pay, as part of a judgment, all fees and expenses of the EAS, including reasonable attorneys` fees, for the purposes of the terms of this Agreement or the Recovery of Payments Due Under this Agreement. In exchange for full payment of the amount listed under the heading „Total Due“ in the „Referral Steps“ section of this Agreement, EAS agrees to provide the benefits described in the „Referral Levels“ section for the chosen referral level described in the „Sponsor Levels“ section below. ALL FUNDS DUE ARE DUE AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION OF THE SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT. All signed agreements, waivers and signed funds must have been concluded by Monday, May 28, 2018. .

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