Collective Bargaining Agreement With O.p.e.i.u. Local 6

D) Jury Duty Jury Jury members who are summoned to the jury or as witnesses are entitled to leave with pay for the duration of the absence, governed by the language of collective agreements and established staff policy, with the exception of temporary workers. A guide to the benefits available to court staff. As a court employee, you are entitled to a wide range of benefits under the National Pension Board and the group`s insurance board, as well as benefits negotiated through collective agreements with unions representing court officers, as well as other court-determined benefits for all court employees. This summary does not create any outstanding contracts or agreements between the court and a staff member or group of employees. The Court reserves the right to modify or modify any of these plans, directives and procedures described here in and in its jurisdiction, at any of the time frames deemed appropriate, in accordance with the applicable law. Work-related injuries or illnesses must be immediately reported to a line manager or department head and submitted to the National Work Compensation Service through the Human Resources Department. G) Payment Bank All staff, with the exception of selected directors and estate records, are allowed to join the Trial Court Paid Leave Bank at the end of their trial period by giving the bank at least half a day of leave, sick leave or personal leave or compensation at the bank. In return, seriously ill or injured workers can apply to the banking committee for up to 90 days of paid leave over a two-year period. E) Medical Leave Unpaid medical leave is requested and granted in accordance with Section 13.01 of each collective agreement or for non-unionized workers, in accordance with Section 8.00 of the Manual. This leave is generally granted for a period of two months, but it may be extended in accordance with the current extension provision.

C) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) provides for 12 weeks of unpaid leave over a 12-month period when a entitled worker requests the birth of a child or cares for such a child; 2) placing a child with a worker by adoption or care; 3) the care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition; 4) the employee`s own state of health.